Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Your Burqa Does Not Offend Me

Graffiti outside The Hub theatre, Newtown. A stiff middle finger to the idiot with "Say No To Burqas" mural around the corner. See also the link GlitaGrrl's comment below - kudos!!!!


  1. that's so cool! I got a response to him too:

  2. Guys, check out my running pictorial blog "Wear Whatever You Like" re the "Say no to Burqas" mural at

  3. Burqas are used by societies and cultures who assert their use as a way of denying women of their freedom. The burqas serves as a device to hinder normal sexual interaction between people. The act of hiding someone’s face suppresses normal sexual interaction. If you are a recalcitrant and are bothered by normal sexual interaction (remembering this does not mean sexual relationships) between people you will seek methods to stop this happening. Suitable methods include imprisonment, deliberate blinding of people by damaging their eyesight, disillusionment (telling people it is a sin) and isolation are some methods you can interfere with the normal human response of attraction to others. A method less extreme is to impose the wearing of the burqas.

    The wearing of a burqas has been distorted into religious and cultural significance which is a load of crap. It’s there for a practical reason and it is to stop normal human behavior.

    Just because certain cultures practice infanticide, female circumcision, caste system as in India or in more extreme cases “Honor Killing” (See it does not mean that we should accept these practices in Australia. I personally don’t believe that burqas should be allowed in our society, but it’s not for cultural or religious reasons.

    What is important is the reason for not accepting the burqas. It is not acceptable to condone wearing of burqas for Xenophobic reasons. On the other hand if you want women to have equality and not have “cattle” status in our society then I would say ban the burqas. Have you ever considered why is it that only women are made to wear these things?

    Let’s give women the respect they deserve.

  4. Blogman infanticide is nothing like a choice to wear or not wear something.
    Before I made the burqa drawings I met three girls who were going to the mural guy's house to give him a piece of their mind.
    They were coming on the train from out west, and they were Muslim and angry.
    They were wearing their choice of clothing: one was in a full niqab, one in a burqa and the other in skinny jeans and a singlet.
    They told me they wanted to tell Sergio they were all born here and nobody was forcing them to wear anything, and their choice was to wear or not wear the burqa!
    You say let's give women the respect they deserve, well that's what these angry Muslim girls were asking for too!!

  5. I like what Newtown Ninja says: "The thing that shits me most about the "Say no to Burqas" mural is not Sergio's opinion because as I said, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. IT'S THE WAY HE'S SAYING IT."

    Personally I think men have no right to say women should or shouldn't wear, that includes Me, Sergio and Blogman :-)