Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Street Photos from China

Beautiful old couple wearing their lives on their faces in modern Xiamen.

Old blokes hanging out in Xiamen, China.

Young couple who've just had their wedding photos taken on Gulangyu Island off Xiamen.

Street-sweeper and ducks out to dry, Hangzhou.

Old bloke and a wheelbarrow, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen.

Chinese supermarket, Xiamen.

Hoola-hooping girl outside a beauty parlour, as you do.

Cooking up a storm.

Ducks hatching an escape plan.

Free as a bird.

4am at the Guangdong bus station.

Up to no good. Hong Kong.

Gals on the prowl, Zhuhai, China.

A procession of prostitutes walk around in circles in a shopping arcade beneath the Old Lisboa Casino in Macau. The locals call it "The Shark Tank" because the ladies get booted out if they stop walking, like a shark drowns if it stops swimming. It has become a tourist attraction in itself.

Tops old ladies shooting the shit on the sidewalk in Macau.

A gorgeous lady getting treats for her granddaughter, Macau.

A fine posse waiting for the green man in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

Caught. Wet market in Mong Kok. Owzat?


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  2. Hehe probably - there's always some nefarious characters hanging around border towns.

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  4. Thanks! China is an easy place to take photos :-)