Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pussycats of January and a bit, 2012

I've been walking the same routes a lot lately so meeting the same pussycats. I do my best.

Taking time to smell the roses...

Lemme in!

Great big cat on a warm car roof, Newtown. Pat me if you must.

King Street's most spoilt shop cat.

I'm not even waking up for the pussycat paparazzi.

Action cat of Newtown, will leap letterboxes in a single bound if there's a free pat involved.

Even action heroes dribble.

This little black duck solicits pats from his apartment window, Newtown.

This one gets a blind left open so he can see the world go by.

Mr Billie J Pussycat of enmore, seems a bit poorly but very friendly.

My Stumpytail J Pussycat of Newtown\Enmore likes sleeping on the road.

What could be better than an afternoon nap?

A free scratch. Newtown\Enmore.

Oliver is a local celebrity.

He will always get up to say hello, and follow you down the road.

Get thee behind me Satan.

Cars were invented for cats to sleep under.

Mr Tink J Pussycat of Newtown likes a scratch.

He's a bit of a tart.

Oi, more pats!

Cat street art, Erskineville.

Mr Zebedee J Pussycat of Darlington.

Gotta play the lie down and be nonchalant game.

Off on a date.

Pussycat buddyies, Enmore.

Instant best friend. Possibly the most forceful pat tart I've met.

Serious pussycat business.

Another fine feline of Newtown\Enmore. She has a fancy diamonte collar so we call here Jeannie Little.

Scratch me happy.


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  2. I'm moving to Enmore. Parramatta is a pussy-cat wasteland I tell you! I never see cats in our 'hood.